Be Bougie: Upscale Your Party with Organic Balloon Garlands

Giant Gold and tan Organic Balloon wall with feather décor.

I’m sure you have been to a chic party these days or scrolled on a celebrities Instagram page recently. You most likely noticed balloon garland. Balloon garlands have become ‘the thing’ in the past few years. Organic balloon garlands give a more modern and stylish touch at any event. Balloons in general, popularity is continuing to rise. More and more people are using them to make their event look classy, extra-festive and exceptional.

Now the question is… why are organic balloon garlands so popular? Who started the trend? But, most importantly, why should your hire a balloon artist to construct an organic balloon garland for you next party?

Why the Organic Balloon Garland Trend Started

Let’s go back a bit to try and figure out how this balloon arrangement trend started.

I will start off saying that I don’t know who exactly came up with the balloon garland but, I will tell you where and about when I first seen it.

So we’ve seen the basic balloon arch constructed for so long. Balloon arches have been popular since the 90’s. A basic balloon arch was usually a single strand helium filled latex and or mylar. It is usually on fishing line with a weight tied to each end. It is common to see floating balloon arrangements are constructed to be placed over entryway and walk ways. You can easily be move around this balloon arrangement when on string and not a frame. I would say I’ve seen pictures of balloon arches from the mid to late 90’s at corporate events mainly. Multi-colored balloon were used to create a swirling pattern. You should keep in mind, if these balloon decorations were not on a frame, helium is used. Balloon arches became popular and was seen for decades until a helium shortage began.

The Helium Shortage Made Organic Balloon Garlands More Popular because It Doesn’t Require Helium

Read this article that goes more in detail: The shortage of Helium has been caused by a number of factors, including worldwide refinery equipment failures and shutdownswith scheduled maintenance in several of the world’s natural gas refineries disrupting supply.

So what does a helium shortage have any thing to do with an organic balloon garland? For one, you are help the environment and cut down your own cost by not using helium in your balloon decorations. An organic balloon garland is simply that. Oh and the ‘organic’ part is not because it healthy. Balloon artists style the arrangement to mimic how somethin organic is grown in nature. To describe it in detail the balloons and clustered together as it they are kernels on a corn cob.

Who Started the Organic Balloon Garland Trend

We have all seen the Kardashians host lavish birthday parties for them and their children. I found myself gawking at the clusters upon clusters of balloons in the background. I would definitely say that they were the ones that made organic balloons a popular. After that you could find this style of balloon all throughout celebrities pages on Instagram.

Organic balloon garlands have become a status symbol. So, next time you have an event, be bougie and upscale your event with organic balloon garlands.