10 Balloon Arrangements to Decorate Your Wedding

Here are 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding with. Some styles are meant to be show stopping and lavish, some magical, and others simple. Rather you want to splurge to impress you guests or save and keep it simple, we have a 10 popular balloon arrangements style for you as options when planning for your wedding or engagement party. These make looks may appear to be inexpensive and a simple task but a professional balloon decorator can get the job down for less than would someone buying a few supplies instead of bulk. You will want to read 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Balloon Decorator after this post.

#1 Balloon Arch

Decorating the entry way to you event is the best way to quickly get your guests in the mood. A balloon arch can make a great first impression. When positioned in a good lighting location it can even provide photo opportunities for them early on. Several balloon arches can also be placed along the main walkways for a more grandeur feel. A balloon arch can also be placed over or behind the buffet, cake or bride and grooms’ table. Here’s a fun fact: balloon arches are far cheaper than a metal arch with no added decoration. Organic balloon garland are a far more cost effective and decorative option.

 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - organic garland balloon arches crossing.
 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - a basic balloon arch.

#2 Organic Balloon Garlands on Frame Can Become the Alter

Organic garlands on a frame may be my favorite balloon arrangement of all time. Like Balloon arches these arrangements make for great photo opportunities. These framed garlands can be embellished with lighting, real or faux flowers, and that’s just the start. Because the arrangement is supported by a frame, it can also hold a sign to deliver a special message as well.

 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - Organic Balloon Garland on circle frame.
 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - Organic Balloon Garland on Square frame.
 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - Organic Balloon Garland on wood frame.

#3 Balloon Photo Wall

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned balloon arrangements for your wedding that double as photo opportunities but, this balloon wall was born for it. Have your guests all take pictures in front of it, place it behind the bride and groom or even let it be your alter background.

 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - Organic Balloon wall on Square frame.

#4 Organic Garland on Wall, Stairs and Ceiling.

Yes! If you are looking for grandeur and wedding worthy balloon arrangements then you want and organic balloon garland that can really set the tone. This free flowing style of balloon arrangement is the most versatile style of them all. The balloon can start on the floor, make its way up the wall, hang from the celling and even hand down from there if desired. Talk about options.

 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding - Organic Balloon Garland on wall.

#5 Welcome Sign Decoration

Let’s talk about decorating the greeting or seating arrangement sign with a balloon arrangement. Decorating a sign at your event is above and beyond setting the tone. This decision lets your guest know they’ve been lucky enough to be invited to an event where you cared enough pay attention to this level of detail.

#6 Table Center pieces

This smaller balloon arrangement is able center pieces can serve as an ice breaker when you have to sit unfamiliar guest next to each other at your wedding. A centerpiece made of balloon can be minimal yet detailed. They can be table bound or float mid-air depending on the ambiance you are going for.

Table center piece with Letter
Table centerpiece with flowers

#7 Columns

Columns are another basic style of balloon arrangement but depending on how they are put together can help make a spectacular welcome piece. They can also be use to line a walk walk similar to an arch. Large balloons can be placed on top to deliver a special message also. Out of the 10 balloon arrangements to decorate your wedding with, columns can serve the most purposes.

#8 Easy Balloon Bouquet

Balloon Bouquets are a basic style of balloon arrangement but nonetheless complete the décor. This style may be the most affordable due to minimal styling efforts. if you are on a tight budget you may want to consider Balloon bouquets.

White Glitter Bouquet

#9 Balloon Arrangements That Float Mid-Air

Wow! Balloon clouds floating mid-air is also another one of my favorites. This is a show stopper style of balloon arrangement if anything. Imagine how fun it would feel to walk under this kind of arrangement as a wedding guest or even during your big moment. So appropriate when your head is already in the clouds.

#10 Float Balloons Over Pool at Backyard Wedding for more of a Venue Feel

Balloons floating in a pool looks like magic. Fishing line is used to make the balloons appear as floating bubbles. Your guest will talk about it all day. We get that not everyone doesn’t have the budget to rent the day at a beautiful winery. There are always thing you can do to turn your wedding location into something special. This style of balloon arrangements will help turn a home wedding into more of a venue.

Balloons float on pool.
Balloon decorations for parties and events. Clear bubble orb balloons floating over pool for party.

Bonus: Wedding Garland Tassel Balloons

We promised to give you 10 Balloon Arrangements to Decorate Your Wedding. Here is a bonus for you. Let these whimsical, garland tassel balloons give your wedding guest a light a bubbly feeling when they float mid-air. Stagger them for a more playful look or make them even for a more directional feel. The tassel part can be anything light enough to allow the balloon to float. Paper usually makes-up the tassel part but greenery makes for a more natural and tasteful visual. Extra large balloons are ideal for this look. The sizes used are anywhere from 30-36 inches.