10 Reasons Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event

Sweet Clouds USA
Pastel latex and matte mylar hearts balloons line the entryway of a celerity mansion.

In this post I will give you 10 reasons why you should have balloons at your next event. Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram and came across the Kardashians story of them walking through their mansion covered in Balloons and thought “Wow, they’re always so over the top!” then found yourself rolling your eyes? Well, surely that’s exactly what they wanted you to feel.

#1 They make the best photo opportunities.

Most of the time my customers call they don’t have anything specific in mind but will tell me they just want something they can take pictures in front of. I then end up suggesting that they screen shot whatever inspiration they’ve seen on Instagram and send it to me. The most common balloon arrangements you’ll find for the best photo opportunities are balloon walls, arches, columns and organic garlands. They are all easy to find when searching on Instagram or Pinterest. To be honest, the MORE balloons your event has placed all over, the easier they will photo bomb your pics and look amazing. As mentioned earlier, celebrities are often on social media with some kind of balloon structure surrounding them at one of their lavish home or ballroom parties . As a bonus balloons can actually transform your house into the ultimate party and save you money on renting a venue.

organic garland for photos. 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event
Organic garland made of latex and mylar off white, cream and grey tones line a backyard window to create a nice décor for photo opportunities.

#2 Balloons are cheaper than flowers.

I had the owner of a party planning team in Washington, USA YPB Weddings reach out to me for a chat and informed me that they wanted to go the balloon route instead of flowers. She told me the cost of flowers has reportedly increased as much as 15% since the pandemic due to shipping and other factors. Read about it here https://fortune.com/2022/05/07/inflation-hits-mothers-day-with-flower-prices-up-14-since-2020/

#3 It’s Easy to Customize Balloons for Any Event.

You can get balloons in very specific colors or match any theme of your event. Unlike flowers, balloons can match your company logo, your wedding colors or even just be some ones favorite color. For big events and detailed request, the customer should always try to place their order ahead of time to allow for this. The possibilities are limitless when given enough time to gather custom colors, enough supply and printing. Order custom balloons now by texting or calling (360) 318-6724. You can also email us at [email protected]. Visit SweetCloudsUSA.com today.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event
A balloon bouquet with clear, gold and white with big number balloons requested for a 70th birthday celebration.

#4 Balloon Displays Can Still Look Nice in Harsh Weather.

They say you can plan a perfect picnic but you cant predict the weather. Like we talked about earlier if you plan your wedding to be outdoors and all of a sudden there is unexpected rain, your balloons won’t be ruined. I was once in the middle of a setting up balloons for The Landing Shopping center here in Renton, WA and in the middle of the job it started to heavily. I’ve decorated corporate events in the middle of the summer where temperatures were in the mid 90’s and customers reported that the balloons looked great the whole day. What about extreme cold? When it’s hot, helium filled balloons (especially mylar) will expand. When it’s cold helium filled balloons will contract. Yes, I know this is basic science but there is also a special technique to inflating them. An experienced balloon artist knows what to do for each situation or possible that may arise at an event.

#5 Balloons Only Need Air.

Usually, most of the extravagant balloon arrangements you see at events these days are filled with air. Global events in the last few years created a helium shortage. But luckily, balloons don’t have to be filled with helium, unless you are going for a certain look that requires them to float mid air. Some of the best designs that I’ve seen were attached to the wall or ceiling which still didn’t require helium. The balloon decorator still needs access to an electrical outlet for the electric balloon pump but that’s it! depending on the type of flowers, they need water, food and or something to keep it in water.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event
Electric Balloon Pumps can be purchased on Amazon. You can fill balloons with air and that’s just 1 of 10 reason why you should have balloons at your next event.

#6 They are more impressive and fun to look at.

For as long as we can remember, flowers and candles have been the main decoration choice when planning a wedding. In the last few years, balloons have taken over and became more popular for event planning options. Balloons come in plastic, latex and mylar (foil) thanks to brands like Qualatex, Tuftex and Betallic. Balloons can also reflect light when combined in a design to create something truly magical looking. As a balloon artist I can testify that balloon grab attention and wow the crowd quicker than anything. They make the atmosphere super festive very quickly. Its easy to blow up a few balloons and hear people start asking “What’s the big occasion for?” or “Who’s having a party?”. Now, don’t get me wrong. Flowers and candles are beautiful and all but, have you ever seen crystal clear bubble balloons randomly float above a pool?


#7 Celebrities on Social media made them a big trend.

How do I talk about the popularity rise of balloons on social media with out mention a certain famous family? The Kardashians have been the first on my explore page to shown off thee most lavish balloon installations. They would transform their mansions into the ultimate party location, all with balloons. Kids birthdays and holidays always seemed to be the perfect time to show out.


#8 Balloons are More Portable.

I will state the obvious and remind you that balloons are super light when filled with air and even lighter with helium. Check out this Instagram post below and see how large balloon arrangements can be moved around with ease!


#9 Less Shipping Issues and Cost.

Not only does one have to worry about flowers showing up damaged or dead but shipping cost is at its highest since the pandemic. Check out this video below.

#10 Balloons Deliver Your Message.

Lastly, of 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event. Balloon arrangements are cool to look at but what it your trying to send someone a specifi message? Well, balloons can do that too! All it takes is some printing or even better large number balloons to spell out some ones graduation year or name.

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